A O Home Solutions Best of 2020 Award

Atlanta Award Committee Awards A O Home Solutions Best of 2020

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2020 Awards

We just received this award as one of the best in the business. If you need to sell a house or buy a home or Lease-purchase we are here to help. Serving our local market for almost two decades. In good times and bad, stress-free we are getting better at helping individual needs each and every year. We are working, give us a call. 770-480-0209

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"Mark bought the home of my parents. All went well with the transaction. Closed at promised date. I was satisfied with my relations with him."
David H. P.
"I found Mark Neighbor and A O Home Solutions to be the perfect solution to my task as executor of my parents' estate. Mark made a fair offer for my family estate and even provided advice as to the process that I was facing as executor."
Stephen Parish
"Thanks Mark for being such a blessing! God sent you at the perfect time to make this transaction of selling my Grandaddy's house easy. Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with and for being available to answer our questions. It was great to do business with you! (paid cash two houses)"
Terri Daigneau
"Mark was very accommodating and professional. It was a pleasure to do business with him."
Stephanie Prince
"Thank you A O Home Solutions for quickly selling my home. We had sat on the house for quite some time and as soon as we called you we had an interested party in the house."
Jamie P.
"I was stressed and it seemed like we were going to have to wait for months to sell our home. We needed to sell our home and move to take a new position in another state. The market was still dropping and there were about 94,000 homes available on the MLS in our area. We looked at several options. You made us a promise to do your best. You did just what you said. Thank you so much for helping us sell quickly and simply. The stress and hassle are gone. I hope others let you help them."
Lynn Vetter
"Mark was a joy to work with. He offered a fair amount for the property and closed quickly (paid cash)."
G. Busby
"Thank you for buying our house (paid cash). We wanted a quick short sale and we got it. You even got the bank to write-off our debt!! It cost us nothing but saved us thousands and didn't ruin our credit. Thanks A O "
Kevin Grimm and Family
"You saved my credit and me. I needed to sell my house but could not with a realtor and all the fees. You helped me and I got what I needed: out of a big payment. Thank you for buying my house and saving me (immediately took over payments). And I found a home through A O Home Solutions to move into."
Kristina W.
"You did just what you said. You paid what I asked for the house (paid Cash). You did it without stressing us out. You even helped us move. We were out in days with no MORE MORTGAGE PAYMENTS!! THANKS AO "
John and Nancy Weeks
"You guys work really quick. I can now give my brother’s kids and wife some money they would have never seen. Your honest help and simple approach saved me a lot of hassle (paid cash). Bless you."
Herman in GA
"Thank you for your help. We were able to get $60,000 more for our mom’s house than we thought with what you showed us. I am so thankful that we waited and took your free advice."
Cindy in GA
"Mark did a great job & works really hard for all parties involved- buyer & seller. Wonderful Job!! Sold house quickly and got what we wanted out of it! Thank You."
Christopher Klicko
"In this market, we couldn't sell the house. We were tired of renting it and fixing it up. You are such a blessing and did what you said quickly. Thanks for buying our house and getting us out of that payment."
Dexter and Natasha G. and Family
"To whom it may concern, I enlisted Mark to buy my father's home in Forest Park. After my father and mother had passed away, the house did not seem like home any longer. I contacted Mark through the internet and within a matter of hours, we had agreed on a selling price. The offer was fair and once the legal hurdles were cleared, we finally closed the deal. I would recommend anyone looking to sell, to give Mark a chance to make them an offer before considering anyone else. Thank you for all your help!"
Thomas Wift
"A O Home Solutions has been a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend them very highly. Mark and Pam were extremely accommodating and very understanding in what was a trying time for myself and my family. Thank you so much for your help ( and for buying my house for cash fast)."
Zachery Akins
"A O Home Solutions is a very dedicated and professional company. They were able to offer the best deal (paid cash) for my house and handled all the details in a very organized and professional manner."
Keasha Laster
"Thanks a ton! It was a no hassle, worry-free, transaction!! Would recommend to anyone looking to buy a home. This was our first home, and I'm pleased! "
Kristina Gaddy
"Mark found us a house in a nice neighborhood, a nice house, and quickly. Thank you very much."
Greg Locker
"The process that we went through was very smooth. It was a blessing to do business with Mark."
Sharon Martin
"Mark Neighbor was a good person to work with. He made the process of buying the house very easy. He was always informative and let me know all there was for me to know."
H. S. Tate
"You guys are great to work with. I'm seventy-two years young and you got me my dream house as a rent to own. My nice big house is in the right area and has lots of room. Thank You A O H S for helping me and being so easy to do business with!"
Tom Logan
"We signed the paperwork and were in our new home in less than two weeks. Your quick, efficient, friendly service is super. We got the school district we needed. You guys really are great. Thanks AO!"
Chuck Selph
"I filled out the paperwork and my kids and I are in our new Rent to Own Home in less than a week. We love it. Thank you for making our new home affordable. Your service and attention is appreciated more than you know. It was easier than I thought. Thank you."
Delilah Kelley
"Thank you for helping make the process so simple and quick. You answered all of my questions and did exactly what you said you would when you said you would. I now have my own nice big home and at a great deal and less than rent!"
Pearlie Rutledge
"Being young, we didn't have any credit but you guys found a way to get us a house quick and easy with no hassle and no pressure. Thank you so much!"
Tim and Tracy K.
"This is our first house. It is a blessing. Our family would not have this house if it were not for you. Thank you and bless you."
Vinson C. and Family
"You guys are GREAT to work with. No one has ever tried so hard to help us before. We thought we would never get a big new home of our own. Thanks AOHS!!"
Jessica and Tim T.
"Being a single mom I did not think I would ever have my own home. No one would even look at helping us. This new house is a dream come true! Thank you!"
April M.
"It was a pleasure working with Mark. Everything was quick with selling the house. I was very pleased."
Patricia A Sanders
"A O Home Solutions bought my house fast for cash with no problems. "
Bought my house fast
"Mark and his team bought my house fast and it was so easy."
Sold my house fast
"Selling a house can be super stressful! Often times you end up not getting the best deal you probably could have. It helps when you can work with someone that really can put together the most creative and best possible offer based on your specific needs."
John Schroeder