Advantages of Selling to an Investor:

  • I/ We buy Your House or Houses "As Is"
    I will purchase your property "as is". You will not have to make any repairs on the property period.
  • I Handle Inspections/Fees
    This reduces your out of pocket expenses.  In addition, we will pay for needed treatments and repairs ourselves. (May include termite inspection, mold inspection, electrical inspection, home inspection, a dripping sink or tub, broken window, etc.)
  • No Big Cleanup Expenses
    You as the seller do not need to professionally clean the house. I will handle all clean up including kitchen, bedrooms, lights, garage, and the whole house.
  • No Yard Work
    Buyer will take over yard maintenance.
  • No Worries About Unwanted Items
    You do not have to worry about the removal of unwanted items prior to close. I will clean up or clean out most if not all unwanted items.
  • **** The Date You Move is Entirely Negotiable ****
    Unlike an owner occupant, we can accommodate any move out date required by the seller. If you have sufficient equity, we can even arrange to have you remain in the home indefinitely (up to 3 years) on a month to month lease back arrangement.
  • Quick Close or Long Close
    Since most purchases require no new financing, closings can be in just days or we can wait if you need or want extra time.
  • Owner Financing
    Do you want a check every month? We can pay you every month like a mortgage payment so you have a steady income each and every month for years.
  • Want to Trade?
    Want to move up to a bigger house but can't qualify now? Let's trade houses! We have some very nice homes in great locations and you may be able to trade up with no bank qualifying!


Please understand: Situations vary in each individual case or sale. Not all of the above features may apply to your individual sale. If there is a discrepancy between the above features and the sales purchase agreement, the purchase agreement will prevail.