Reasons You May Want to Sell Your House

Let’s face it–selling your house is a major life event. Many factors impact home ownership, and the decision-making process to sell can seem to be an overwhelming, entangled mess of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts.’ Allow us to help disentangle that mental mess a bit. Here’s a list of very valid reasons why you may want or need to sell your house:

Relocation/Job Transfer

Location, location, location. For most, this is ultimately the deciding factor when considering whether to purchase or sell a home, and if your job is requiring you to pack up and move away, the right location–shortest commute, best schools, safe neighborhood–might be at the very top of your real estate priority list.


Unfortunately, losing a loved one often involves more than the already overwhelming process of grief, as the documents, assets, and debts of the deceased must be legally settled through the probate process. Depending on your state, you may have the ability to close the probate process (which can be long and draining) by selling the house yourself, without court involvement (and, therefore, without having to pay court fees). The extra stress of the looming legal process could be a convincing reason to sell.

Two Mortgages

Let’s revisit that job transfer situation for a second. Maybe your timeframe to move forced you to have to take on two mortgages. The financial strain of doubling up on mortgage payments can be, for most income levels, a most unwelcome stressor and pressing reason to sell.


Deciding to sell your house in the wake of a divorce may be underpinned with a range of situational influences, from the practical to the legal, and even to the emotional. As with all considerations surrounding a potential sale of your home, it’s important to consult with a real estate expert, or perhaps even a lawyer, to better understand your options and what fits your situation best.

Written by Ben Mix

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